2011 Melka Majestique
Paderewski Vineyard
Paso Robles

This wine marks the first Syrah ever to be produced by Melka Wines.  After searching for a vineyard that meets the high standards needed to produce a Syrah of diistinction, the Paderewski Vineyard was selected.  Rich in limestone, the resultant wine is dense, polished, round and elegant with aromas of dark fruit, black pepper, cedar and spice.  This wine is all about finesse and length, finishing with long lasting aromas of berries and spice.

100% SYRAH

Production: 100 cases
Bottling: May, 2013
Aging: 20 months 75% new French oak
Release: October 22, 2013

"The goal in creating this wine was to produce a Syrah that was similar in style to some of the great Hermitage in France, not a classic Californian Syrah that usually have a tendency for overripe characters."

~Philippe & Cherie Melka, proprietors