Métisse is a French word meaning "a blend of cultures". We chose this name because it embodies both the spirit of our original concept (a blend of Bordeaux varietals - cabernet sauvignon, merlot and petit verdot) and our spirit as the winemakers (a blend of French and American).

Our first Métisse vintage, in 1996, was the result of blending grape varietals and vineyard sources. A symbiotic relationship between Philippe and his clients led to an extraordinary blend of grapes from all over Napa Valley.

Then, in 2003, we met Jim and Stephanie Gamble of Jumping Goat Vineyard. Together, we decided to make a single-vineyard Métisse.
It seemed a natural progression for us, and fit our philosophy about wines expressing their native soil.

Today, we offer three distinct Métisse labels. Click on each of the three vineyards from Napa Valley to learn more about each and to purchase our wines.