Metisse Le Chatelet earns Grand Cru Classe status

Well, it's official.  The AOC in Europe has finally handed down their decisions for all chateaux that petitioned for a change in their classification status.  The Metisse from Le Chatelet vineyard was once a Grand Cru Classe but was downgraded 10 years ago.  With the hard work of Julien Berjal and Philippe, the vineyard, winery and wines that have been produced since then are a huge improvement.  Congratulations to all of you that have in your cellar some of this amazing wine!

September 18 Release - 2010 CJ and 2009 Metisse La Mekerra

Mark your calendars . . . two wines available on September 18th that are not to miss.  The 2010 CJ continues to be a fantastic wine to stock up on and we are proud to be offering the 2009 Metisse La Mekerra Vineyard Cabernet franc/merlot blend.  This will mark our 3rd vintage from this amazing vineyard.

The Top Bid of $14,500 for the Melka Wines 2010 Jumping Goat is announced at the Auction Napa Valley 2012 Barrel Auction!

We were proud to be part of the 2012 Auction Napa Valley Barrel Auction yesterday at Jarvis Winery. We're even prouder that our lot of 2010 Jumping Goat garnered the Top Bid of the day at $14,500. Check out the fun at the finish here.

VIP Opportunity

We have come to discover that our vineyard specific wines bearing the Metisse label, are in too short supply to fulfill demand.  Not a bad problem to have!   But how to solve this problem has been a discussion for quite some time and we have just decided to create a VIP opportunity.  For those who sign up to be VIP members, there will be a guarenteed allocation of 4 bottles each of our 3 vineyard specific wines - Jumping Goat, Le Chatelet and La Mekerra in addition to lots of other perks.  Look for the VIP offer after logging in.  We are currently sold out of the 2008 VIP allocations and are accepting sign ups for 2009.  Any questions, please contact the winery at 707-963-6008.

2008 Métisse Le Chatelet Grand Cru Release


The release of the 2008 Métisse Le Châtelet Grand Cru will be on July 14, 2011.  There were only 150 cases made and this wine is going to be exclusively sold to mailing list customers only.  This vineyard blend of 70% merlot and 30% cabernet franc is a true expression of terroir. 

2008 CJ Cabernet Release


The release of the 2008 CJ Cabernet Sauvignon will be on September 14, 2010.  We produced 1400 cases of this fabulous wine and although many of you savvy wine folks will perhaps shy away from the 2008's due to a "not so stellar" growing year, we promise not to disappoint.  We plan to do some events around the US with this wine so stay tuned . . .

2007 Métisse Jumping Goat Napa Valley Release


The release of the 2007 Métisse Jumping Goat Vineyard will be on March 9, 2010.  There were only 375 cases made and chances are it is going to go fast.  The inaugural release of Metisse with our new packaging, this vineyard blend of 85% cabernet, 12% merlot and 3% petit verdot is a stunning wine.  Postcards are being mailed out late February and you will receive your login and password via email just prior to the release.

New Packaging for 2007

The two most frequently asked questions with regard to the new packaging, are "Why?" and "Whose eyes are those?" 

We changed our packaging for a couple of strong reasons.  Firstly, we felt it was time to update our look to reflect the maturity and developing uniqueness we feel the wines merit.  We're releasing our 12th vintage and after that much time, we also felt that it was time to excite our consumers with a change.  Lastly, we all know how many labels there are out there, and most of you know that Philippe consults for a handful of them, but these wines are our pride and joy.

Yes those are Philippe's eyes! And we hope that what you see in them is his passion for making wine.  Click here for photo.

We know that we can't please everybody with our new look, but whether you like it, love it or don't like it, it is unique and different from many others on the shelf or in your cellar.  Vive la difference!


2007 CJ Release

Harvest is upon is here in the Napa Valley and with it comes the exhiliration that drives us through the long days of picking and sorting.  We are very excited to be approaching the release of our 2007 CJ, which will have a new look to the label!  Release date is November 3rd to give you ample time to have the wine for the holidays.  Look for the postcard in the coming days.

2006 Metisse - St. Emilion

metisse_ypo.jpg  2006 Métisse Saint-Emilion Grand Cru - Le Châtelet Vineyard

2006 Métisse Saint-Emilion Grand Cru - Le Châtelet Vineyard

90% Merlot
10% Cabernet Franc
100% barrel fermented

Only 100 cases produced

This is our inaugural release from Le Châtelet vineyard, located next to Beausejour Becot in the beautiful town of Saint Emilion which lies near Bordeaux and Philippe's home town.  Two parcels of merlot were selected from two different soil types - limestone and clay. The Cabernet franc parcel comes from limestone as well.  During harvest, each parcel is kept separate and the grapes are sorted and gently introduced inside each barrel for natural fermentation. Production of this gem would not have been possible without the expertise of fellow winemakers Julien Berjal and Lionel Kreff.  SOLD OUT.  2007 WILL BE ON JULY 14, 2010

2006 Metisse Napa Valley Release

The release of the 2006 Métisse Proprietary Red - Napa Valley will be on May 12, 2009.  Melka Wines will not be raising any prices this year and will continue to offer free shipping for those who order their full allocation.  Look for your login and password via email the morning of the 12th.   Cheers!

New Label for 2007 CJ & Metisse

After 10 years of producing our Métisse and CJ, we asked ourselves "what positive changes can we make to create excitement for our next decade?"  We decided that a new look was needed for both our wines.  I know that there are many of you who will be disappointed as the vibrant colors and playful artwork have become so comfortable.  But we felt it was time to update our look to reflect the maturity and elegance we feel our wines merit.  The CJ, as well as the Métisse line, will have the new "eye-catching" look.

2005 Metisse Proprietary Red

The 2005 Métisse Proprietary went on sale on May 1st. The response has been overwhelming and this wine is officially sold out. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such devoted fans who enjoy great wine. Thanks to all of you who made this release such a success.  If you did not get an opportunity to purchase, this wine will be in distribution soon.

First harvest from Knights Valley

KV_slope_shot.JPGWe at Melka Wines are happy to report that we brought in some merlot and cabernet franc from our vineyard in Knights Valley. It was our first harvest from this vineyard which is still being planted. We acquired this vineyard in 2003. It is located at 2300 feet above Peter Michael on Ida Clayton Road. We will produce a white wine from this vineyard as well. Keep checking our news for the release of our Metisse - Knights Valley.



Well the 2007 harvest is underway. The temperatures have been ideal this harvest with only one week of intense heat early in August. We've already brought in the Merlot and a bit of Cabernet from the Gamble vineyard for the Metisse. The fruit for CJ is still on the vine and looking to be harvested in the next 10 days. Today we picked close to 4 tons from our Knight's Valley vineyard which will of course be a separate wine as it is a Sonoma appellation. We are excited to evaluate the fruit and will keep you posted.

Cherie & Philippe Melka

2005 CJ Release Newsletter

Hello again to all our Melka Wines Faithfuls. It is time again for the release of our well-loved CJ Cabernet.

In 2005 we hade a copious harvest which means that this wine is in more abundant quantity than previous vintages. We were finally in a cooler ripening season and we harvested most of the grapes in October.

The wine is available for order starting September 25, 2007. We encourage you to order online by clicking on the Place an Order tab. If you prefer to fax in your order please print this order form.

We tasted our wine from Saint Emilion this past summer and are happy to report that despite . . more

2006 CJ Release Newsletter

Greetings Melka Wines Lovers!   It is time again for the release of our well-loved CJ Cabernet.

In 2006 we had a harvest which was a bit lighter than usual which means that this wine is going to go faster than previous vintages. We started to harvest in late September and finished only in late October with some of the Cabernet from the Coombsville region in Napa.  The wine was initially a bit tannic but through aging the tannins softened nicely.  Please note that the retail price for our CJ has not changed and will be $135 for a 3 pack of 750ml bottles.  Also customers will be offered FREE shipping on purchases of one case.

The wine will be available for order starting Tuesday, October 7, 2008. We encourage you to order online by clicking on the Place an Order Tab of this website. All mailing list customers will receive email notification of their login and password.

2004 Metisse Proprietary Red

Greetings to all of our esteemed wine lovers! It's springtime where hope springs eternal and we hope that you will enjoy this year's offering of the Métisse Proprietarty Red.

In 2004, we harvested the grapes from the Gamble vineyard, which is located in St. Helena, next to the legendary Spottswood winery, between September 2nd and September 22nd. The harvest was a short one with very even ripeness and . .more


2004 CJ Cabernet

We have had an overwhelming response to the 2004 CJ Cabernet Sauvignon.  We are almost completely sold out of this wine.  The opportunity to purchase or re-purchase will end on March 9th.  The next CJ release will be the fall of this year.  Thank you to all who have enjoyed this wine.