2004 CJ Release is here

Greetings to all of you! It's time for the release of our fabulous CJ Cabernet. This wine is sure to surprise you so don't miss out.

This wine is becoming one of those wines that you grab from your cellar and never think twice 'cuz you know its' quality is steadfast and will always excite the senses. . . .more


Well the 2006 harvest is upon us. We picked the first of our Cabernet from a Calistoga vineyard that we've selected for the CJ. Our first efforts with this fruit were in 2005 and we liked it so much, we believe this vineyard might be "the" one to be the single vineyard source for this brand. We finished up harvesting for the CJ on the 16th of October with a small block of Merlot.

The Gamble vineyard in St. Helena was harvested a bit later. We started on September 27th and finished up on the 25th of October. We feel that the added time the fruit was hanging on the vine truly contributed to achieving the fullest flavors and aromas the grapes were capable of.

Additionally, we picked our first grapes in France as well! We harvested about 6 barrels worth of Merlot from St. Emilion and approximately 4 barrels worth of Syrah from the Languedoc region. We are very excited that we are able to produce wines from Philippe's native land and we'll keep you posted on when these wines will be available.

Cherie & Philippe Melka

Los Angeles Times - Napa's go-to-virtuoso

Patrick Comiskey of the Los Angeles Times has captured the essence of what life is like for reputed and busy winemaker Philippe Melka. His article appeared in the June 21, 2006 issue.

Winemaker Philippe Melka brings a meticulously gentle touch to some of the showiest cult Cabs.

By the time Philippe Melka walks through the doors at 9:15 a.m.at Vineyard 29, he's already received about 20 phone calls and answered 10. He used to not answer his phone, hoping to return calls when he had a free moment, but lately those moments aren't easy to come by.

Melka is probably the most famous winemaker you've never heard of in California. Fifteen years ago, he moved here from Bordeaux . . more


2003 Metisse Proprietary Red

After eight years of sourcing the grapes from Philippe's clients, we finally found the perfect fit - located west of St. Helena, the vineyard is owned by Stephanie and Jim Gamble. It is situated next to legendary vineyards such as Spottswood and Madrona Ranch. This six acre vineyard is divided into . . .more


Upcoming Events

We thought it best to let you know about upcoming events for Melka Wines.

  • In New York, March 21, 2007 the Make A Wish Foundation of NY
  • Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar reviewed both the 2003 and 2004 Métisse Proprietary Red in his May/June 2006 issue. Read his review here
Greetings to all of you! It's time for the release of our 8th vintage of the fabulous CJ Cabernet. This wine is sure to surprise you, so don't miss out.

Every year we seem to make this wine a little better. The 2003 is slightly more structured than its earlier counterparts, but yet still lively, balanced and rich with dark fruit flavors.


Well the 2005 harvest is upon us and we have been given what appears to be the perfect growing season with wonderful late season sunshine and warm temperatures.

We harvested our Merlot from the Gamble Vineyard in St. Helena on September 26th. It was to mark the beginning of our third harvest in this beautfiul vineyard. The fruit was tasting very ripe and showing real promise.

Next to come in was our cabernet franc and petit verdot on the 4th of October. We are fermenting these two varietals in 59 gallon French oak fermenation barrels. We experimented with this last year and loved the results.

We've just started our cabernet from this vineyard on the 8th of October and then again on the 11th. We should have all of our fruit from the Gamble vineyard by mid-October. The cabernet fruit that makes the CJ, has only just started to be harvested and we will most likely finish everything by Halloween.

Cherie & Philippe Melka