As the proprietors of Melka Wines, we’ve been sharing our passion for creating exceptional wine since 1996. You can get a glimpse of this passion in Philippe’s eyes, which look out at you from every bottle. Together, we enjoy the freedom to nurture and blend each varietal and our pursuit of excellence and balance in our wines is equaled only by our dedication to exceptional quality.

Métisse represents single vineyard, soil specific wines from the heart of Napa Valley. Jumping Goat from the valley floor, Montbleau from gentle hills in St. Helena and Martinez from renowned Pritchard Hill. Mekerra is home to 3 specific wines that thrive due to their high elevation and unique soils. Majestique represents wines from vineyards around the world that inspire us.

CJ Cabernet is our biggest production wine that is result of long term relationships with various growers throughout the Napa Valley.

Our vision is to maintain the quality that we’ve established and that our customers have come to expect from all of our wines. The way we see it, a grape must tell the story of its native soil. Which is why you’ll find that every bottle of Melka wine expresses the voice of the soil, as well as our passion as experienced winemakers.

– Philippe & Cherie Melka